优秀国际学生风采展示: 黄旭明 Excellent International Student Jirun




ExcellentInternational Student from School of Finance: Jirun Maneechavakajorn


Exertingthe Potential Abilities While Striving, Finding the Dream of Life with Modest


Heartbased and talent accompanied, Thailand medical student was deeply attracted byChinese traditional philosophy and art at the first sight of Chinese culture.Confucianism and Taoism contributes to breaking out the barrier of thought.Self-cultivation benefits understanding the sense of life. Let’s get into theworld of the holder of Chinese Government Outstanding International StudentsScholarship-Jirun Maneechavakajorn.


Personal Information

姓名NameJirunManeechavakajorn (黄旭明)

国籍Nationality:泰国 Thailand

专业Major:金融学 Finance

学院School:金融学院 School of Finance


Award-winning, Outstanding Experience


Passed CFA level 2 examination


Passed FRM level 1 examination


Passed Thailand CISA level 1 examination


Let's hear his acceptancespeech.


Firstof all, I would like to express my thanks to Chinese Government OutstandingInternational Students Scholarship for admitting me of that honor. A journey ofa thousand miles begins with a single step. All the hard work might not resultin an instant, but as long as we persevere day after day, it would be realizedat the end.


Ibelieve that the essential of studying in China is to practice and improve myabilities. Each path in life has its own advantages and disadvantages, and thebest choice I’ve made is to study in ZJSU. Now I am studying and growing up atZhejiang Gongshang University. For me, the environment is beautiful, thestudying resources are rich, and the study atmosphere is strong. There aretalented people that we could learn from. In general, the students can getalong with each other in a friendly way and there is not an intensecompetition. At Zhejiang Gongshang University, there is such an atmosphere no more, no less, just right. If you are outstanding and ambitious, the schoolwould offer the resources needed for you to grow better.


My experience has not been a smooth path. I studied Medicine formy undergraduate degree and Finance for my master degree. In the gaps year, Ialso studied Chinese for a year. Changing from studying medical tofinance means that everything starts from scratch. I have experienced successbut also experienced failure... When I was a child, I thought about how tolearn faster and climb higher. However, in the way of studying, Ifound a lot of unthoughtful and immature ideas I used to hold. If youbuild a high building without a sound foundation, there is no doubt that thetaller higher it is, the easier it would collapse. It turns out that the moststable way to succeed is preference and keeping striving. Combine them and findan appropriate balance. Through the tempering of time, I believe that youcan taste the success indiscriminately. No matter who you are, as long as thereis the determination that never give up, the aspiration will befulfilled.




浙江工商大学 金融学院

Idon't think I'm as excellent as others praised. I just want to achieve my goalsin life step by step. In addition, I hope that who are reading this articlewill have enough strength to overcome the predicament you are facing. Withoutgiving, there is no gain. The more difficult the challenge is, the more itcould help you grow up. Time passes, the place we live might be unchanged, but peoplecome and go. They will be the eyewitness of your growth and disintegrationbefore you become the best of yourself.



Schoolof Finance

ZhejiangGongshang University